Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Appu also thinks "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese"

Tiger acolytes aside,

Rauf Hakeem of the SLMC was the first to blast Sarath Fonseka for saying that the "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese"

Shortly afterwards, the CPA banged out a Press Release that raked Sarth Fonseka for saying that the "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese"

Now, we're told, the UNP has also joined in the assault on Sarath Fonseka for saying that the "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese"


Appu can't understand what the fuss is all about???


its 50 years since SWRD won on the Sinhala Only platform,

36 years since Ceylon became Sri Lanka,

35 years since standardization was introduced,

27 years since the government burned down the Jaffna library, and

25 years after JR's government orchestrated 'anti-tamil riots'and blamed it on the Sinhalese people!

So, so... how is this news?

Sri Lanka has been, and will be, a Sinhala Buddhist country for a very long time.

Stop picking on Sarath Fonseka.

Fonny's job description says that he must ensure that "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese" and the man is doing a fine job.

Ironically, Fonny is only saying what Velu has always said:
"Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese" !!
Isn't that Velu's raison d’ĂȘtre?

Appu has seen and heard this so long, from so many sides, that even Appu is thinking that "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese"

Shaaa! Nothing like asking for more...


Appu not impressed by the Chief Justice or his Cheerleaders

It seems like a daily occurrence, as sure as the rise of the morning sun. The newspapers report, regularly, on one fundamental rights (FR) petition, after another, that is being entertained by the Supreme Court. Of course, the Supreme Court is the last port of call and we are most fortunate to have one.

Appu, however, is not impressed.

That we have a Supreme Court offering a ray of hope to the people, when all other structural supports are failing, is more an indication of the CJ's self-interest and acrimonious relationship with the President than it is an indication of the health of the judiciary.

The fact is that the Judiciary, under the current CJ, is rotten and tattered to the core. It seems like only yesterday when the same newspapers were ranting on about how the CJ and the Judiciary was iconic of Sri Lanka's descent into hell. The 180 degree turn in perception is remarkable, but not necessarily heart warming.

It seems that even the immortals amongst us, like CJ Sarath Silva, are prone to asking and eating parippu.

Who can forget how fast Sarath Silva let go of Chandrika's saree potta to grab Mahinda's shawl? Of course, it didn't take long for the two crooks to fallout, as crooks always do, and that has resulted in an unprecedented and most welcome respite to the country and its people. The country is safe as long as these two, Mahinda and Sarath, are busy battling each other with the full force of their respective offices.

God help us when one falls and the other turns his attention on the rest of us. That will be the time that our people realise that these were two behemoths of our own making, we cheered 'em on this vain path.

There are no glad tidings, just more servings of...