Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pudding for the Supremo

Tamilnet has a photo of Commander Soosai lecturing the Sea Tigers before they attacked the SLN post. That photo shows that the LTTE's leadership is more at risk of dying from cholestrol & diabetes than anything the SLA/SLN/SLAF can throw at them.

Perhaps Ranil's strategy of opening it up to let them develop bad habits and relax their discipline was more effective than we'd give it credit. Old Velu also looked positively unhealthy at the Brigadier Balaraj funeral. Thats of course, on the assumption that it was him. Some say a precision airstike took him out a few months back. Or was it the Tsunami a few years back?

Ahh.. too difficult lah!

Lets just ship Velu a hamper full of condensed milk, cheese and Siva Obeysekera's kalu dodol.
No doubt, Velu will accept it and eat it all, despite his Australian heart surgeon's advice.

And then he'd ask for more...

Self-inflicted wounds

Defence Ministry ( reports that:
3 LTTE boats destroyed, 15 killed in Army-Navy counter attacks- Jaffna

Army and Navy troops deployed at the Chiraththivu islet, Jaffna sprung an ambush killing at least 15 terrorists as troops claimed to have thwarted a pre-dawn LTTE infiltration attempt at the combined military detachment located between the Jaffna mainland and the Mandathivu island today (May 29).

TamilNet ( reports that:
Sea Tigers raid SLN camp close to Jaffna city
[Wed, 28 May 2008, 22:02 GMT]Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Sea Tigers naval wing launched a raid in the early hours of Thursday on the Sri Lanka Navy camp located at Chi'ruththeevu islet, close to Ma'ndaitheevu island and Jaffna city, LTTE officials in Vanni told TamilNet. At least 13 Sri Lanka Navy personnel were killed and many sailors wounded in the raid carried out by a special marine wing of the Sea Tigers, the Tiger officials said adding that they have seized weapons including a 50-caliber machine gun, a mortar, two LMGs and military equipments including a radar from the strategic SLN camp situated at the islet facing Jaffna. 3 SLN bodies were also recovered by the Tigers and they identified one sailor. Full story

This episode, over the last 24 hours, has demonstrated that nobody has learned anything in the 25 years that this war has plagued us. Unfortunately, not even the "learned" amongst us, learn the most important lessons.

The Government's response, and that of bloggers like DW (, to the breaking news was as knee jerk as it has ever been. The fact is that the LTTE did what they claimed to have done, but I suspect they have learned that the SL Defence establishment and its cheering squad would deny, deny and counter-claim. So they held back the photos (its not like they had to wait for the film to be developed at Cargills) till the initial flurry of denials were rolled out and then they come out with the evidence that deflates morale and plays havoc with credibility.

Guess who is winning the propaganda war? The first casualty of war may be the truth... in Sri Lanka, the nation bleeds a second time, everytime!

And yet, we ask for more...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ahhhh.... Parippu!

Why Parippu? Why ask for it?

The fact is that all Sri Lankans, irrespective of their ethnicity, love their parippu. We are a nation of parippu eaters, literally and figuratively. Thats how we've been for the last two millennia and thats how we'll be for the next two.

Despite all our attempts to feign disgust, shock, horror or sadness at what has happened to the Sri Lanka we love(d), the fact is that we always knew what we were asking for... we always knew there would be consequences for the way we behaved, voted, talked, treated our neighbours, played our sport, partied, etc., etc. We know what we're getting when we ask for "more parippu please."

Like the Parippu we love and take for granted, we are destined to be a sloppy side dish for the rest of the World. True, we're full of good nutritious bits but we'd never be the 'main dish' darling!

... perhaps we can pause and reflect a bit before we look up and say "more parippu please" ?? We know we're always going to ask for it! Don't we?