Friday, May 22, 2009

Appu's advice to the Tamils

Appu's advice to the Tamils is to try something different.

You tried the Gandhian approach and got clubbed by the police from Galle Face to Jaffna esplanade.

You tried the Prabhakaran approach and met violence with violence and whilst it might have seemed a bit like David and Goliath for awhile, Goliath won. Surprised? Don't be. It was inevitable. Prabhakaran just didn't "know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em."

In the end, what Rajapakse Inc. has done to the Tamils made JR's riots from '58 to '83 seem like walks in the park. Sad, but true. Worse, this time nobody really cares. Next week, the news will be about civillians being killed in Afghanistan.

However, there is a way forward to real peace and prosperity. One that comes easily to the stereotypical Tamil.

the economy!
the economy!
the economy!

If Mao's China can become the World's healthiest economy and Ho Chi Min's Vietnam can be a true leaping Tiger, then can your lot be far behind?

Invest in your people, your lands, your future. You work wonders for your employers in other parts of the World, now do it for yourselves.

To do that however, you need to walk away from the bitterness that you are entitled to feel.

Entitlement is debilitating - ask the Sinhalese University student who drinks from that poisoned chalice...

...but thats a different rant that Appu will get to one day soon.


Jack Point said...

Very good advice.

These days even punting the local stockmarket will do.

- Gini said...

Its not just that - the LTTE were able to sustain their campaign through revenues that flowed from off-shore investments they had in plantations, gold mines, shipping lines, etc. None of that economic capacity has been diminished by the military defeat on the beaches of Sri Lanka.

The firm (LTTE Inc.) is indicative of what they are capable of and unlike the Sri Lankan government they do not have to go cap in hand to foreign donors.

Anonymous said...

Wars of extermination should be declared illegal. Extermination is no war but butchering. A war is an act of violence to force somebody to follow my will. Some opposition has to be accepted, that’s democracy. And if the leaders of the majority are not capable to accept this, the two must separate.
Separation is only solution.

Miami, FL, USA

- Gini said...

@ Anon
Easy for you to demand two states -- my guess is that you wouldn't walk away from your comfy life in Miami. Sure, you'd coem and spend six month teaching kids to use Microsoft Word and you'll visit your ancestral properties and take lots of pictures to document your adventure. But will you pack your bags and move?

Before you respond with an 'anonymous YES' tell me how you propose to win this separate state of yours? Are you going to try soemthign different to what has already been tried by the LTTE?

N said...

I'm curious, is there any data on how much of the LTTE's cashflow was from legitimate business and how much of it was from other less savoury enterprises like drugs, credit card fraud, etc? I seem to remember Jane's saying $200-300 million a year but no breakdown on illegal and legal flows.

aadhavan said...

Yes, looks like that's the only option left now. I was just wondering though, whether rapid economic development that benefits the Tamils is viable within a political sturcture that does not empower Tamils, or grant them any measure of self-determination. The South can always put spokes in the development of the North and East, especially if that development ever becomes threatening.

- Gini said...

@N: You can't go shopping for Velu's list of essentials on money skimmed off credit cards or protection money collected from Seven Eleven stores. LTTE Inc. own gold mines, oil palm plantations, etc. They invested a long time back to ensure they were not dependant on India or any other country. We're told the LTTE was always suspicious of India and they couldn't be funded by US, UK and the rest 'coz they were banning 'em and the government had already locked up the favours from the usual suspects : china, iran, libya, pakistan, etc.

- Gini said...

@Aadhavan: why should you threaten anybody. build factories & universities, fund scholarships and skills training. set up low interest loan schemes for small businesses and underwrite investments from big ones. Let the rest fo Sri Lanka reap the peace dividend. Don't mess with the South... mind your own business and they will mind theirs.

aadhavan said...

@ Gini - yes, those things sound good, but a PC can't set up a university in the first place. under the constitutional structure, that can only be done by the central government. see the point? there is very little that the Tamils can do on their own that doesn't require the sanction of parliament or a central govt authority.

- Gini said...

@Aadhavan: The University of Wales, Monash University and a host of other international universities have branches in Sri Lanka and they offer international degrees... as opposed to the Sri Lankan University degree from Peradeniya, Colombo or Jaffna that has no currency outside Sri Lanka.

You don't need the Provincial Councils or the Central Government to set up those private universities but you DO NEED to think afresh... leave the politics of old behind. Don't worry about who gets what from the Central Government or the Provincial Council. Invest in your own people's education and enterprises and rebuild. Take a leaf out of Grameen Bank and start empowering at the village level and then think about infrastructure investments. You can go far if you lose your baggage...

Anonymous said...

Sri-Lanka heavily militarized the Tamil areas, and they are recruiting another 100,000 soldiers to make the Tamil areas into open prison. Unless the Tamil areas are completely demilitarized, and proper political solution is given to Tamil people, no cent from the Tamil diaspora should go to Sri-lanka.

Lets fight this war little differently. We are well aware the Tamil diaspora have enough money, they should invest their money into lobbying in the West, Europe, and Australia to make sure their political aspirations are met. The true colors of the Sinhaleese are gradually coming out in the International medias, and this is the time Tamil diaspora should work hard.

Sri-Lanka cannot go on with these atrocities, for longer. Rajapakshe and his clans will pave the way for separate state for Tamils sooner than we think

In the mean time, Tamil diaspora should invest their money in to lobbying.

Gini Appu said...

Anonymous rubbish!

Lobbying never got anybody anything. Waiting for the so called international community (IC) to come in on a white horse would be an incredibly stupid thing to do.

Stop worrying about what the Sinhalese might do... or the Moslems might do... or the bloody white men would do... fix your own problems. If you don't have access to univerisites, build your own. If you don't have access to jobs, create your own industries. Y'all have the money and the expertise to do something positive and it would be a crying shame if you continued to continued to waste your opportunities to help your own people.

A wise man (not Gini Appu) once said:
"When you lose, don't lose the lesson"

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