Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ahhhh.... Parippu!

Why Parippu? Why ask for it?

The fact is that all Sri Lankans, irrespective of their ethnicity, love their parippu. We are a nation of parippu eaters, literally and figuratively. Thats how we've been for the last two millennia and thats how we'll be for the next two.

Despite all our attempts to feign disgust, shock, horror or sadness at what has happened to the Sri Lanka we love(d), the fact is that we always knew what we were asking for... we always knew there would be consequences for the way we behaved, voted, talked, treated our neighbours, played our sport, partied, etc., etc. We know what we're getting when we ask for "more parippu please."

Like the Parippu we love and take for granted, we are destined to be a sloppy side dish for the rest of the World. True, we're full of good nutritious bits but we'd never be the 'main dish' darling!

... perhaps we can pause and reflect a bit before we look up and say "more parippu please" ?? We know we're always going to ask for it! Don't we?


Jack Point said...

I love Parippu quite literally, have eaten it with bread, rice, stringhoppers, even in one desparate case, kiribath.

The nation as you correctly point out can't get enough of the metophorical variety.

Gini Appu said...

Parippu & Achchu paan. Now that you mention it... perhaps there is good reason for us to ask for more?

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by, and like to say keep up the good work. Love reading your blog as much I love parippu. :)

Gini Appu said...

thanks chaarmax. one parippu eater at a time. i'll take that and ask for mroe... :-)

Anonymous said...

As a non-resident Sri Lankan with no access to Sri Lankan food, i cannot begin to describe how much my tummy yearns for Paan and Parippu (add a little pol sambol as well). From Cream Soda to Dhatti Paan I miss everything! Gaaaaaaaaah