Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pudding for the Supremo

Tamilnet has a photo of Commander Soosai lecturing the Sea Tigers before they attacked the SLN post. That photo shows that the LTTE's leadership is more at risk of dying from cholestrol & diabetes than anything the SLA/SLN/SLAF can throw at them.

Perhaps Ranil's strategy of opening it up to let them develop bad habits and relax their discipline was more effective than we'd give it credit. Old Velu also looked positively unhealthy at the Brigadier Balaraj funeral. Thats of course, on the assumption that it was him. Some say a precision airstike took him out a few months back. Or was it the Tsunami a few years back?

Ahh.. too difficult lah!

Lets just ship Velu a hamper full of condensed milk, cheese and Siva Obeysekera's kalu dodol.
No doubt, Velu will accept it and eat it all, despite his Australian heart surgeon's advice.

And then he'd ask for more...


Jack Point said...

Good stuff here, keep writing.

Jack Point said...

Ps. Unfortunately Prbha is past the danger stage. I've been waiting for his heart attack since about 1993/1994.

Its the one that strikes before 40 that is fatal, later ones are generally not so bad.

Gini Appu said...

Thank you Jack Point.

An audience of one is so much better than none.
and nooooo...

it wasn't Gini Appu logging in under a different avatar.

now coming to Prabha's cardiovascular progress to his eventual resting place, yes, yes, I suppose there isn't much that can be done to hasten it but surely we don't have to rush to get there before him. For what? Welcome party for the Supremo?

human said...

Great Idea! But we should also send this delicious stuff to a few others who can really use this. The new CM and his men in the east,MR and his brothers and the entire cabinet deserve this treat!