Friday, June 6, 2008

Appu spots a Parippu stain on Hillary's blouse

The American primary season is just about over and Obama Hamu is heading for the Wallauwa.

The Clinton camp is now desperate to force Obama to take her also in his rickshaw but if Obama is true Hamu material, he'd drop her off at the bus stop and never look back. Look what happened to those poor people in the Bible - they turned to look back at 'Sodom and Gomorrah' and ended up at the Hambantota salterns, but thats another story...

Appu knows that Hillary didn't fail O/Level maths at St Bridgets. So she also knew there was no way she was going to catch up with Obama's delegate count and yet she pressed on, hoping to make a strong finish and that she did. She knew that after her naked aggression (aiyo!), there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell that Obama would pick her voluntarily. So the only way to get on the ticket and use the four years in government as a springboard for her Presidency, was to keep hammering away at the electorate and end up with a sizable chunk of votes that she can hold hostage as Obama starts looking for a veep.

Apparently, Mark Penn (Hillary's Chief of Staff and glorified 'destruct button') had urged Hillary to "make Obama grovel" ... sigh! In the words of that famous Virginia Slims advertising line, "you've come a long way baby!"

Hillary's "aggression and defiance" has managed to hurt the Democrats to the extent that the Republicans have real hopes of winning, when loss was only recently a forgone conclusion.

Worse, her negativity has destroyed the Clinton legacy that survived violent assaults from Newt Gingrich, Ken Starr & co. Bill Clinton was an icon in John Kennedy's mould and the whole World looked up at him and asked for more Bill (like Monica did). Bill was even considered a potential candidate for the top job at the UN, until that other fellow drove up in his Hyundai.

Appu is sure that the only possible way to bring the shine back to the Clinton badge is for Bill to give Monica another serving. Afterall, she looked up at him and asked for more...


Sam said...

I felt Hillary was a real machievalian all alone. She wanted to destroy her arrival as much as bad as she can, for long term purposes. If she could not kill the cow before election (which she couldn’t), hurt it as much as possible, so alone the way it is easy for her to make a beef stew.
That was kind of the game Chandrika played too, even after she left the house.
After all, this is what call politic is.

Gini Appu said...

Yes, Hillary had the same reckless hunger for power as Chandrika and thought they threw the kitchen sink at it, they've both failed in their quest.

Lets just hope Obama doesn't make the mistake of taking Hillary as his running mate. A touch of "koti valigey" in that scenario...