Friday, July 18, 2008

Appu puts Mahinda Wijesekara in the spotlight

Now all you bloggers must be wondering what on earth is Appu on about now? So an honourable Sri Lankan leader took his family on vacation... What's that got to do with the price of Fish? or Parippu?

Stop thinking of yourselves and learn from Hon. Mahinda Wijesekara who saved his MP's salary of Rs 18,000 a month and took his family to Las Vegas!

Appu want to know when will other Sri Lankan men learn from people like him and do the same for their wives and children? Look at the envelope full of dollars that girl is holding for the Ammi to help herself? How could he have given such a treat to his family, if he didn't work hard and sacrifice?

Our Sri Lankan fellows spend way too much time and money on the Internet or drinking and dancing the merry devil with their useless friends. High time all Sri Lankan men became family men, like Hon. Mahinda Wijesekera!

Hon. Mahinda Wijesekera certainly knows how to ask for more...


Jack Point said...

I wish all ministers were like him. If all the ministers and deputy ministers and other hangers on spent 365 days of the year in Las Vegas this would be the best thing for the country-productivity would improve tremendously because the rest of us can actually do some work if they are not around to close roads and cause havoc.

The ministers add no value (in fact they actively destroy it) its cheaper to pay them to stay out of the way rather than have them around.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I go there, at least once a year. Just to watch some shows, count some cards ;). No I have some high roller friends and I get to use their comp points on Bellagio or MGM and is conveniently located on the way to Grand Canyon and some other national parks. There are much more to LV than Casinos. But I doubt they know or interested!
And Good to see you posting!

Gini Appu said...

Kalu - Appu was a bit distracted by work and he fell off the blogosphere for a while. :-( However, a couple of interesting emails with juicy content have well and truly put Appu back in orbit.

As for LV, yes there is more to that area than just casinos. The sights and sounds of the Strip always gave Appu a headache, if he stayed more than one night.

Appu also recommends that all bachelors take a one to two hour drive out of Vegas to a place made special by a Dolly Parton movie. Chuckle Chuckle :-)

Gini Appu said...

JP - Appu likes the way you think and gives you a GOLD star for originality. You have suggested a very practical approach to 'Laissez-faire.'

In a previous life, on a work visit to India, Appu congratulated the Perm Secy of the Ministry of IT, on the fine job that he had done to grow that sector and support the industry. His response was brilliant, yet refreshingly simple. He said his job was just to "keep the IT minister away from the IT industry." That, was the secret to India's success in IT - the lack of political interference.

realskullzero said...

i should also should shun this online work abit and save up some money by using less electricity..start growing some vegetables in the backyard, walk to work and eat some healthy kurakkan bread..may be i ll also b able to cash in a pocket full of dollars and a trip to vegas sooon!!

Yeah Vegas BAby!!! :D

Foxhound said...

Skull G... my sentiments exactly!

Gini Appu said...

Yes, you could eat kurakkan bread and walk to work to save money or... could a little influence to allow those poor Chinese (and other) fishing trawlers to illegally catch fish in Sri Lankan waters. Who knows, the tooth fairy might leave a few of those envelopes full of dollars under your pillow, in Vegas. ;-)